Americas MBA Multicultural Experience


An intense multicultural experience is obtained with 75% of students from other countries and classes in English every two weeks, deepening the concepts “core” of an International MBA, and 4 intensive modules in, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and the USA. Participatory methods and simulations, classroom exercises, use of Harvard case method and a multicultural project with integrated team for Canadians, Mexicans, Americans throughout the second half of the course, reinforces the multicultural impact with real application in an enterprise of the four countries.

Self-awareness and confidence: graduates cite dramatic improvements in their time management skills as well as their self-confidence and the knowledge that they have the capabilities to set and achieve aggressive personal and organizational goals.

Recognition by those at the top: the program is designed to give all students—even those who are not sponsored—stretch assignments that will catch the attention of the top manangement and benefit the company in new ways. And successes from the Capstone Strategy Project will encourage dialogue with executives at work.