International MBA Program

The study program

The program is structured in modules delivered in an educational environment favorable to dynamic learning, combining theory to practical cases. Our teaching methodology favours including practical applications in every class, making strong use of the professional experience of our students.


On concluding the program you should:

  • Be able to integrate modern concepts with practical aplications and cases
  • Have a clear understanding of how companies compete in an globalized economic environment.
  • Develop the fundamental managerial skills required in the core areas of marketing, strategy, finance, human resources, organizational behavior and operations management.
  • Develop the ability to create a strategic vision and lead your team in implementing the strategy to fulfill it.
  • Gain a broad view of management in diverse industries through an intense exchange of experiencies among participants.
  • Understand the comtemporary challenges and opportunities for doing business in emerging countries and in the Americas.
  • Create a plan for self development and be prepared to embark on an international management career.

By preparing high potential students to take increasing responsabilities in the decision-making process, the courses promote continuous self-development and leadership so that innovative concepts and strategies are implemented efficiently and successfully in your organization.

International MBA Programs