International Immersions Americas MBA


  • There are four immersions in top universities, which lead to a joint certificate issued by all four schools regarding the the international part of the course.
  • Beginning in Vancouver, the Americas MBA candidates get to know each other through courses, readings and exercises on cross-cultural communications, global business strategy and international human relations management. The study groups will also begin their yearlong capstone project there in August.
  • Next they go to Brazil, where the Americas MBA students will learn about sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and emerging markets strategies for bottom-of-the-pyramid markets in October.
  • From there it’s on to Mexico City, where participants tackle the topics of international competitiveness, and learn how to navigate the large family-owned businesses that are prevalent in the region in January.
  • The Americas MBA students will spend their final on-campus visit in the U.S. in Nashville focused on launching new ventures within organizations or as entrepreneurs and how to nurture innovation in April.