Americas MBA Return of Investment Aula


According to surveys by the Executive MBA Council, the return of investment in our MBAs is obtained on average in under 24 months, with an implied ROI of 36% per year! The payback is 2 times faster than the average for top US Executive MBAs.

The Executive MBA Council surveys show since 2004, that over 60% of students receive promotions and new responsibilities while still taking the course and apply their new knowledge immediately from the first classes on Strategy and Marketing.

For company sponsors the survey indicates that the payback occurs in less than 12 months. Sponsoring companies obtain improved decision-making skills, stronger employee engagement and retention since the very start of the courses, ensuring excellent return on investment for the companies. And, after you graduate, your company can be among those that a future C-Team serves for its Capstone Strategy Project, extending your ROI even further.

Courses can be paid in up to 25 installments. In the value are included in Brazil and outside lessons, lectures, teaching material (the air tickets and accommodation for the international modules are on the end).

Contact the Americas MBA office for other payment options at (11) 3732-3520 or